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Packaging design, sales and manufacturing Planet R Creative Services are our core competencies. 

Mission Statement:

We shall provide packaging that meets or exceeds  requirements in a timely and economically conservative fashion.

We will work to understand complex  the relationships in your packaging projects.

 We will work with all stakeholders in a timely and transparent fashion.  

Vision Statement:

Our customer's success is the reason for our existence.

There is opportunity for success in every interaction.

There is an abundance of opportunity if you seek it.

Core Beliefs:

Packaging is an essential feature of our modern lifestyle.  Too much, or too little of it is bad for everyone.  We don't greenwash.  We work with you to produce a package that comes closest to win win for mankind and the environment.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to recycle many packaging items.  As technology and recycling infrastructure develops cradle to cradle materials and systems we will champion those things.


Planet R Creative Services commits to serving our community with unwavering integrity, compassion, and dedication. Our mission is to provide packaging graphics and packaging while fostering an environment of love and respect for all. We aspire to be an example of Catholic values in the business world, guided by the teachings of Christ and the wisdom of the Church.

Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on Earth!

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